Relationship & Sexuality Coaching

YOU have the potential to feel MORE LOVE, MORE PLEASURE and DEEPER CONNECTION, than you have ever dared to experience in your life before! WHAT IS IT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN INTIMATELY LONGING FOR?


For most of us the real desire and purpose of life is ABOVE ALL ELSE, to connect deeply with another and to be fully seen and accepted for all that is us, unmasked and vulnerable. To get to that stage, we first of all have to do this with ourselves.

As the living, breathing, heart centered beings that we are, we are all seeking ultimate connection, with ourselves, another and source. When we can fully open to our sexual energy, which is our creative life force energy, think about that for a moment….It is capable of creating new life! When we are fully open and in tune with that energy, we can use it to power our very existence. When we do this, we are capable of creating a world looks and feels incredible as we co create our new reality.


During sessions we identify blockages in your life and also look at where you may be holding them in your body.

We move to clear them using a possible combination of talking sessions, bodywork and tantric/energetic healing, depending on your individual needs.

Through gaining an understanding of your relationship with yourself, you can experience true intimacy, connection, clarity and bliss and perhaps ultimately share that with another.


  • Are you single because you keep attracting the same relationship dynamic over and over again, and want clarity to stop looping in the same cycles?
  • Are you single but want to work on your dating or intimacy skills, to attract the relationship you have always wanted?
  • Is there some past trauma or belief system stopping you from fully connecting with yourself and others and your sexual pleasure, which is actually the birth right of us all?


As men in this modern world of sexual relating there can be a lot of pressure to perform. Not only does your partner want to orgasm but she now wants multiple orgasms, and for you to understand and participate in non sexual intimacy, otherwise know as communication.

I can help you on all levels by implementing a combination of talking and bodywork sessions to get you out of your head during sex, so you can stay completely in your body and enjoy the experience.

  • Are you experiencing issues around early or delayed ejaculation?
  • Are you having difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection?
  • Are you addicted to your ejaculation?
  • Does the effort it takes to arouse your partner feel like too much hard work, so you just opt to self pleasure but would really like it to be different?
  • Or are you one of the lucky ones who so nearly has it all .. great communication, a fantastic orgasmic sex life and you just want it to be even more amazing?
  • Are you wanting to master the art of full body energetic multiple energetic orgasms?


As a woman have you ever been left wondering:

  • Where in the hell did my sex drive go?
  • What is all the fuss about orgasm anyway, let alone multiple orgasms?
  • Can women really ejaculate?
  • How do I get around issues of low sexual desire?
  • What about my lack of lubrication?
  • Why am I experiencing pain or numbness during sex?
  • Will he know if I fake it?
  • How can I feel comfortable naked in front of my partner during sex when my body looks like this?
  • How can I feel more confident giving and receiving pleasure?
  • Is it really ok for a woman to self pleasure?

Or you may be at the opposite end of the spectrum with your desire level and be wondering as a woman:

  • How can I freely express my seemingly insatiable sex drive without guilt and judgment?
  • How do I contain or subvert my sexuality, when I am not being met by my partner?

With either dilemma the list goes on and believe it or not, the agony of living with a ‘self perceived’ too high or too low sexual desire, can be equally painful for either or both partners. We can drive ourselves crazy with our mind chatter and fears. All it really does is serve as a distraction from feeling what is really going on in our bodies and in our relationships.

As a makeup artist, for many years I spent a lot of time talking to women intimately. I have realised there is an innate and often unmet desire for understanding, closeness and connection in many relationships. Often we have closed off our sensuality and passion, or completely bypassed our sexual connection to just go through the motions of day to day living.

The scenario can often look like this: So here we are finally, all set up, house, wife/husband and our long awaited child/ren, or it may be our career, and suddenly when we lift our heads up and look around, it can feel as though we have lost our lover and best friend. Within that space the gap widens. As we lose connection with ourselves we can also lose sight of who we are, not only as individuals but also as a couple.


  • Are you tired of having the same old arguments and relationship issues?

If you want help as a couple to communicate better and learn about ways of intimately connecting, then a couples sessions is for you.

It is an awareness of this deep pain in many relationships, which led me to my soul calling in Relationship/Sexuality Coaching and Holistic Healing. I heard so many personal stories of relationships doing the walk of the living dead, often because of the couples inability to first, honestly ‘feel’ their needs and secondly, to lovingly and effectively communicate them to the person they were closest to.

There are few feelings matching the depth of loneliness you can feel while not actually being alone. We live in a throw away society and this is extending into more than just consumer products .. this attitude is pervading our personal relationships. Often people are reaching for the newer, shiner, better, only to find the same patterns and arguments are being rehashed even though the players in the skit have changed. Sound familiar?

Whenever we are in relationship disconnect, this should signal to us perhaps the change needs to come from within. Learning how to love, heal and forgive all the wounded parts of ourselves takes us a huge step towards love in the true sense of the word. It is when we can truly love ourselves that we can then truly have love with another.

What ACTUALLY takes your relationships from average to AMAZING is presence! Through coaching sessions you can learn presence, which is the art of being here in your body in every moment. When you come into this space of complete presence while making love, you aren’t worrying about the lack of sleep you might be missing, or what business deals you still have to close, or what bits of your body look less then flattering in certain positions and you aren’t relying on fantasies to help you orgasm.

None of that even enters your consciousness because you are so fully present in the moment! When you have learned to awaken the subtle energy vibrations in your body, you are completely and consciously engaged in every delicious sensation in your being and as you merge intimately with your partner. In this sacred space you are open to showing and seeing the intensely beautiful vulnerability and the divinity in each other…. Nothing is more powerful an aphrodisiac than that!


My sessions are held in a private, relaxed environment, embodying sacredness that honours both your individuality and your confidentiality. They can be incredibly healing, informative, relaxing, and yes, even fun! While past trauma may be shifted using tantric bodywork, the focus is also on addressing current issues and belief systems which may be blocking you from moving forward and opening yourself up to new levels of communication, connection and pleasure, that are the birth right of us all. Embrace your journey.



“Trish creates an atmosphere of trust and understanding, which encourages and assists relaxation. Her intuitive, vibrant bodywork loosened my tensions and inhibitions, allowing me to feel deeply into my body sensations and rhythms. She guided me in identifying gross and subtle sensations within myself which, when combined with bodywork allowed me to be aware of, and experience, movement of energy around my body with an intensity I had not experienced before.

Trish has a mature feminine presence, which she combines with strong bodywork to create sensual, nurturing and challenging sessions. Sometimes they feel magickal. After working with Trish I felt grounded and open throughout the front of my body. My perception of myself, and where I begin and finish had broadened. I felt more attuned to my loved ones, my work as a nurse and the world around me. I would recommend her to people who are curious about this sort of work and those who have practiced before and wish to explore deeper levels of experience.” Jamie

“As I drop into a deep healing space with Trish I always feel a sense of oneness. Her ability to hold me in that space allows me to open and let go. Being in such presence is a truly valued gift I cherish and an immense sense of gratitude arises for the opportunity to heal in such a sacred shared space.” Sarah. Xox