Past Life Regression Therapy

Experiencing Past Life Regression is like being in a very relaxing state of deep hypnosis where you feel completely safe and comfortable, are fully aware of everything that is happening, able to answer questions and have the unique experience of looking into your lives before this one. So why do people want to do this you may ask? The reasons are many and varied but some are as follows…

Have you ever wanted to know why:

. you have a feeling you really intimately know someone but you have only just met them?

. you have an aversion to heights or confined spaces or why the mere sight of a bird causes you to break out in a cold sweat?

. why you have strong instinctive repulsion to a person, place, thing or situation?

. you feel like you have done all of this before?

. what your soul purpose is?

. you seem to have a particular gift or talent although you have had very little exposure or training in it?

Past life regression therapy can help you feel what these mysterious connections are all about.

Consequently, you can be freed from any limiting beliefs, fears and patterns that you may be subconsciously holding that my be no longer serving you in this current life.

Conversely it can also help you to light up your soul path and set your intention to open doors you wish to open.
Past Life Regression is facilitated by helping you to enter a deeply relaxed state in which you will be able to access your higher state of consciousness, your soul/higher self, which has recorded all you have experienced in every incarnation. In this state you are gently guided to view and express significant events that fit together to provide healing, insight and understanding as you view your soul memories.

Whatever you are shown will be what your soul most needs you to have awareness of at this point in your life to help you move forward.

Usually in a Past Life Regression you will view two lives. You will feel completely relaxed, aware and safe at all times. Most people report their Past Life Regression experiences as being profoundly spiritual.

Past Life Regression is perfect for gaining access to your soul’s wisdom and healing, regarding issues such as:

. love and relationships
. guilt and shame
. Phobias and fears
. anxiety and depression
. eating disorders
. self esteem issues
. unexplained physical pain
. confidence and assertiveness


Trish, thank you so much for the amazing Past Life Regression session we had last month. You provided such a safe space for me and am so grateful. So much has happened and opened up since the session, it’s almost mind blowing! Much love and gratitude :) Jo

An excerpt from a blog that a client wrote about her PLR with me:

“Walking down the hall to her healing room was nerve racking but the moment I step inside that healing space my breath came easier I laid down and she covered me with a blanket and I felt instantly cozy my heart still beating hard as we began but her voice was so reassuring, as a liquid light ran across me.

I was constantly reminded of how safe I was, how I was loved and as I let go I felt my mind drop as if suddenly it was no longer connected to the now. I was warm and peaceful my heart had a rhythm that followed Trish’s soft instruction to float up higher and higher as my mind slipped further and further away and as the most overwhelming feeling took ahold of me tears sprung and she asked me how I felt but I was speechless it just felt complete.

It was like finally being in a place I had longed for and the only word that formed in my mouth to explain it was “embraced” I felt literally wrap in the wholeness of the universe. I asked my question and I was taken to a place that felt so long ago but as real as the bed under me, my eyes fluttered, my body trembled and big dusty boots formed underneath me I was standing on dry grass in a field, my pants ripped on the left side.

The response that I felt to the events that moved around inside my minds eye, made it real, the emotional connection was so physically consuming, I cried for the person I missed, ache for the person I wanted and the proud belief of knowing I had made something for myself. Then the scared vulnerable feeling that knew I was in trouble and the last moment of that life as I drifted away.
The healing hands that held me supporting the rightfulness of me being here on this earth filled me with faith and the essence of love.

What did I have to learn from this experience, well at first I didn’t understand but slowly with each breath it seemed clearer and it took a few days but the huge significance of what I seen could not have been more true and I let go of a tremendous fear that had been holding me captive. As cliche as some parts of that afternoon felt I’m so grateful for Trish’s help and so proud of myself for being brave.

It is with hope and love that I share Trish’s details, I hope that someone can benefit in a profound and complete way, just like me.
I leave you in her safe and loving hands…” Natalia R.