Kundalini Dance

Kundalini Dance is a powerful, ecstatic, transformational healing dance that takes you on a powerful journey during a seven week dance series through each chakra. It allows you to access and awaken your life force energy, which is your sexual energy, your creative energy, making you feel more alive and in your body. The dance opens and closes with a sacred circle which connects your to your dancing tribe, and deepens both your connection to the earth and spirit.

The sacred dance dissolves any areas of resistance in your body and energy field, that may be keeping you from fully experiencing YOURSELF as LOVE.

It is a dance of presence, which requires no experience of fancy dance moves. It is a deeply healing spiritual practice that offers a safe, nurturing space to feel and express whatever you are holding in your body right at that present moment. Feel what it is to let go through the experience of breath, sound and movement….Feel your heart open as you clear out any stuck energy and invite in divine love, to rejuvenate and ignite every cell in your body.

This experience awakens you to enable you to love all of the parts of yourself, wildly, passionately, deeply, without reservation, now that’s living ♥


“After the dance I always feel lighter, more energized, clearer, calm and grounded. The whole session was a lovely experience with a lovely group of women. Trish you have a beautiful calming soothing quality to your voice, which uplifts the spirit. What a gift!” Andrea W.

“I loved the start! Starting close to the earth and the chakra breathing. Actually I loved all of it! I so love being a part of it. Afterwards I felt really connected, humble and grateful. ” Cassie S.

“After this week’s dance I felt lighter and reflective. Trish you are an embodiment of the dance. Never doubt yourself, you are already there moving and breathing it :) Coming to the dance is the highlight of me week!” Michelle T

“During the dance I felt warm and loved and love inside of me. I felt hopeful. Trish holds the group container perfectly. I loved the breathing and connecting to Shiva. The whole experience had a beautiful balancing effect. This is a very beautiful dance facilitated from the heart. The world needs this :) Thank you Trish :)” Anna B.

“Before I left home today, I really didn’t feel like dancing but as soon as we sat in circle and I heard your beautiful calming voice gently instructing us to tune into our sacral chakra, all of my resistance melted away. The dance was amazing! Before coming by body was hurting and I felt cranky. Afterwards it is like I am a different person. I feel full of love and my whole body is buzzing with energy but somehow feels really tranquil at the same time. Thank you Trish. Amazing work!” Miranda C.