About Trish

Trish Bebrouth is a relationship and sexuality specialist. She is a bodyworker, spiritual healer, workshop facilitator, psychic medium, past life regression therapist, and a Kundalini Dance teacher.

She helps you experience more love, more pleasure, and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Motivation and Inspiration

Trish has been on an incredible journey! Over the past few years, she has had the absolute good fortune to train with some of the world’s best facilitators in the fields of Relationship & Sexuality Coaching, Psychic/Mediumship, Past Life Regression Therapy, Kundalini Dance Facilitation and Spiritual Healing. All of her teachers and mentors are highly regarded in their field of expertise and sought after throughout the world as speakers, healers, and facilitators of their gifts.

Trish understands that there is an innate and often unmet desire for understanding, closeness and connection in many relationships, and often we have closed off our sensuality and passion or completely bypassed our sexual connection to just go through the motions of day to day living. This can be true for both men and women and is often the place in relationships where restlessness and detachment set in.

As a result of her desire to bridge this gap between how it is we actually connect as couple and how we really desire to connect, Trish delved into years of study of an academic, spiritual and bodywork nature, to be able to take people through transformative processes to reclaim their passionate connection to themselves and each other.

In her work Trish offers deep healing in a various modalities. In regards to sexual healing, she journeys with clients one on one, or as couples, into their original wounding in order to find and release shame, emotional trauma, and make way for pleasure. She does this with spiritual healing, coaching (goal-directed talk) and Tantric body de-armouring, a form of deep tissue bodywork that combines with energy work to remove blocks to pleasure.

Her aim is to help you define what it is you really feel underneath your story, to work out what it is you would like to achieve, and devise a strategy to realistically achieve those goals. The importance of bodywork cannot be emphasized enough or considered secondary in this process for its ability to shift what is repressed in our bodies and energetic field.

As a psychic/medium healer, and past life regression facilitator, Trish accesses spiritual realms in order to give you reassurance, awareness, and healing guided beyond her own human capabilities. Her combination theory based study, body work and spiritual enquiry combine to offer a truly unique and transformative experience.

Trish considers all of her offerings to be sacred. Whether helping women learn to open to orgasm, or helping men transform premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction into multi-orgasm, sexual healing is treated as part of a larger process of life healing.

This is more than healing. It is deeply connected, emotional, and spiritual guidance, with training in body-based modalities to transform the body and the psyche. Trish’s deepest desire is for every being to find a deep sense of self love and connection that resonates all the way to their own soul … then perhaps they can share that wholeness with others.

Trish expresses that she feels deeply honoured to be gifted with the trust it takes for people to dive deeply into the core of their beings and shift emotional blocks, while supporting them to open and heal. For her, it is a place of deep reverence.

In Her Words

“I have found my passion in Relationship & Sexuality Coaching and Healing, however a word of warning. If you have come to this site looking for the GURU, with the PERFECT LIFE, the PERFECT ANSWERS and lofty spiritual speak to set you on your tantric path of bliss, that GURU is not me. 

If however, you come in search of a human being just like you, who is down to earth, real, raw, honest and willing to be vulnerable with you in a sacred space completely free of judgment to enable you to safely open your heart, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for someone who has studied with internationally recognised and well respected facilitators in this field, in both experiential and academic formats, you have come to the right place.

If at the core of everything, you are looking for someone who can reflect with you, how you can LOVE YOURSELF more, so you can ultimately experience the love, connection and level of intimacy you have always longed for…you have come to the right place, keep reading… Welcome home.”


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