Trish Bebrouth

Relationship & Sexuality Specialist

coaching ~ healing ~ pleasure expansion

experience more love ~ more pleasure ~ deeper connection with yourself and others

We all want to have greater pleasure, deeper connection, authentic intimacy and clearer communication in our relationships. To achieve this we first have to create a loving intimate relationship with ourselves, heal from past wounding and become clear about any patterning we have been acting out in our lives that may no longer serve us.

To achieve this, Trish encompasses heartfelt, holistic healing for the body, mind and soul. Her coaching encompasses a diverse range of healing modalities to accommodate the uniqueness of each individual who may be drawn to her practice.

While Trish is a Relationship & Sexuality Specialist, the basis of her sessions with people centre on the art of SELF LOVE, as the primary relationship is always with ourselves. When we are in a place of self love, we are on the road to being able to give and receive the kind of love we have always wanted.

As Trish is also a psychic medium, her sessions are not only grounded in practice-based theory, they are also deeply intuitive. It is common to have relevant psychic messages for clients, or verifiable messages from loved ones who have passed over. Here are her offerings:

Relationship and Sexuality Coaching

Expand your ability to feel pleasure, heal from wounding, deepen your relationships. Fall in love with yourself and get the love you’ve always wanted.


Tantric Body De-armouring to release contraction and expand your ability to feel pleasure. See the Bodywork page for a full list of deeply healing and awakening services available.

Spiritual Healings

Intuitive energy healing, with free flowing elements of Reiki, Trance Healing and gentle Kundalini awakening ~ energetically awakening the sexual energy channels which can result in emotional clearing, balancing and full body multiple orgasm.


Spend a day in deep healing, expansion and learning or attend a transformational retreat facilitated by Trish. One day events include Dance Dive and Play which is a combination of Kundalini Dance, Chakra Clearing and Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Dive into another world for a truly transformational experience and discover how your past can be influencing your present, and release old patterning.Past Life Regression Therapy is a profoundly spiritual and life changing experience for even those most skeptical.

Kundalini Dance

Be intuitively guided as you dance through your chakras, releasing energy and patterning, invigorating yourself and expanding your sexual and life-force energy. Feel what it is to get completely out of your head and be fully present in your body as you raise your ecstatic vibration. This is a dance of freedom.

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